Mackenzie Meier

English 4th hour

My Hobbies and Interests

I recently joined the cheerleading squad here at Buhler High and love it. I also play softball. I'm a catcher and a third baseman.

When I'm not doing sports I enjoy to go on runs and write. Mostly I take up my time with my friends doing different, crazy things everyday, but just enjoying the moment.


I've gone to Buhler my whole life. I went to Union Valley K-3, Prosperity 4-6, Prairie Hills Middle School 7-8, and now I am going to Buhler High to graduate. When going to Prairie Hills I had my favorite teacher ever, his name was Mr.Voss. He wasn't just my teacher, but he was my coach in track. He taught me how to never give up and to push myself for excellence.


I hope to one day be attending Maryland University to go into Counseling. I would like to get a scholarship for cheer to go there.


My father and older sister are the ones that play a huge rule in my life. They're always there for me when no one else is and I know I can always count on them to have my back.

Health Concerns

At the end of my seventh grade track season I had found out I had asthma.


Dad's Name- Matt- main number

Mom's Name- Tracie

I live with my father and only him.