More than half of the people in Canada are separatists and they want separatism in there country. These people want separatism because most of the country is diverse and speaks different languages so they want it too change but it hasn't been able to change because there hasn't been enough votes to support it.

What is Separatism?

Separatism is the advocacy or practice of separation of a certain group of people from a larger body on the basis of ethnicity or religion. Separatist form identity politics because they want more freedom than they already have. They want everyone to be equal and for everything to be fair.

Separatism in Quebec

In the 1960s Quebec was the center of militiant agitation to separate in from Canada and established a french speaking nation. In 1969 French and English was declared the official languages of Canada. A party pledged to Quebec separatism won the 1976 provincial election and passed several measures to strengthen the movement.

Canada Today

The Quebec sovereignty movement has spawned a variety of political parties. Quebec has governed the province for various periods since 1976. There has been numerous attempts and fails to constitutional reform which have sought to address Quebec's distinct society. The separatism there today is very different from the 1960s and 1970s Canada and quebec people more today there are for separatism.
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