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February's Important Dates

Faculty Meeting 2/8: Brian Mendler Behavior PD presented by Mike K. and Ali L.

Using UNIT VOCABULARY as your group names.

Heard this idea from another STAT teacher...using the vocabulary from your unit to name your small groups. For example, the divisor, dividend, or mulitples group; the noun, verb, adjective groups.

The group names would change with the unit.

New DREAMBOX dashboard

New DREAMBOX dashboard presentation

  • By clicking on the link above, you will begin to watch a presentation on the new DREAMBOX dashboard.

  • This is a preview of what we will look at briefly during grade levels

Dreambox Users Guide: STAT folder--> Dreambox--> Users Guide

Guided Reading PD: THUMBS UP!

Here is a link to my notes that I took during 1st and 2nd grade Guided Reading PD

My Top Ten AHA's of guided reading:

1. It is not popcorn reading, choral reading, or the teacher reading

2. Students are all reading at their instructional level at the same time using soft voices or a whisper phone

3. There are lesson planners to help you plan your guided reading lessons

4. The lesson planners are explicit and time matters

5. It is responsive to the needs of the students

6. The teacher listens to the students while they are reading and coaches the students with different teacher prompts

7. The Guided Reading book by Jan Richardson is awesome and has so many ideas for a guided reading lesson

8. Lessons are planned based on students' guided reading level and using leveled books

9. Students are informally assessed using running records on the 2nd or 3rd day of the guided reading lesson so that teachers may use that data

10. Collaborating within grade levels and across grade levels will make it so that you can pull a leveled texts and have some ideas of what to do for a guided reading lesson and make adjustments based on your students' needs

Voice Recordings in BCPSOne Turn-Ins

Students now have the ability to record themselves and turn it in to you through BCPSOne for you to grade or provide feedback. This could be used for fluency practice (reading), to explain their thought process (math), to create a commercial, to read a response they have written, etc.

MAP Scores have been rockin': keep it up!!

Science Office Updates

  • Is the curriculum a script or is it a guide?

  • K-2 will be the expected curriculum next year

  • 3-5 will pilot next year

  • Last year for MSA: next year will do labs digitally through MISA
    • Based on 3-5 content

  • Maker Fair- not STEM fair??

  • K-2: 30 mins
  • 3-5: 1 hour

  • 1 unit per grade level per school (minimum)
    • The budget has been asked for all teachers
    • Otherwise school has to buy for other teachers

  • Interactive Notebooks: different format than current Student Enhancer books

  • PD August 18- System wide
    • Follow up sessions offered throughout the year

PONDER: Is the curriculum a script or is it a guide?

50 Ways to Use Board Builder

50 Ways to Use Board Builder

Let's not forget about this amazing tool. There are so many ways to use Board Builder for process and product (and the teacher can give feedback!).

Don't Stop: Michael Fort's Band

Friday, Feb. 5th, 9pm

63 East Padonia Road


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