Periodic Table Information

Symbol: O

Name: Oxygen

Atomic #: 8

Average Atomic Mass: 15.9994

Protons: 8

Electrons: 8

Characteristics of Oxygen

  1. Oxygen is a nonmetal
  2. Oxygen is colorless
  3. Discovered in 1774

Important uses for Oxygen

  1. Major commercial use of Oxygen is in steel production
  2. Plants and animals rely on Oxygen for respiration
  3. Oxygen is utilized in medicine

OxyMan's Powers

  1. He is invisible because he has no color
  2. He is in control of everyone who needs Oxygen
  3. He is odorless, so no one can smell him coming

History of OxyMan

Oxygen was discovered in 1744. It comprises 22% of the air. Oxygen is found in the human body, the sun, the oceans and the atmosphere. Without Oxygen, humans will not be able to survive. Oxygen is required to produce energy in industrial processes, generators, ships, airplanes and cars. It also comprises two-thirds of the human body and 87% of water. Lastly Oxygen is the most important element for survival and daily life.
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