Welcome to the First Day of School

It's Going to be an Awesome Year!

About Time

Last night I finished the movie About Time. To be honest, the movie was just “okay”, but the last 30 minutes was really beautiful and it stuck with me. The movie is about a guy named Tim who, on his 21st birthday, finds out that the men in his family can travel through time. Their time travel is limited to the memories /events within their own lives, and much of the first part of the movie is spent reliving the awkward/ embarrassing moments Tim wanted to fix in order to improve his love life. However, towards the end of the movie Tim’s dad reveals the big “secret” to truly making the most of his time travel abilities. He tells Tim to live each day once, fully, through all of its imperfections and trials and monotony. Then, live it again, but the second time try to see the often overlooked positive moments in the day, try to notice the good in a seemingly bad or dull or difficult situation. Look your barista in the eye, smile and thank them when they hand you your coffee. Send your friend a silly or encouraging note when they’re having a rough day. Take a second to savor a moment of success without worrying about what you have to do next.

Today is the first day of a brand new school year and my reminder to myself, and to all of us, is to find and focus on the good in the day…and in every day that follows. Better yet, create the good, be the good in the day. It’s often easier to linger on the mistakes we wish we could re-do; the never-ending list of things we should have done, but didn’t; the boring moments we would rather avoid. But, in all of those moments are opportunities to see a silver lining, if we choose to.

This morning I was running late and rushed out of the house to get Max, our oldest son (pictured below :)), to his first day of 2nd grade. The traffic was horrible, and we sat at the stop light for way too long waiting to get to the Rock Bridge Elementary drop off line…not the ideal start to the first day of school. So, we turned up the radio, put down the windows, opened the sunroof, and had a First Day of School Dance Party in the car. 20 minutes later, we rolled into the Rock Bridge Elementary parking lot blaring The Power of Love louder than is probably appropriate for 7:45 a.m. on a weekday before caffeine. Max jumped out of the car with the biggest smile and said, "It's going to be the best day ever!" Turns out, it was an ideal start to the first day of school.

We only get one chance to make each day great. We can't always control our circumstances, but we do get to control our reaction to those circumstances. Remember to look for the joy in every moment…and if you don’t see it, then choose to be it.

Here's to the start of an awesome year! I know we're all going to rock it!

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