Joined by you in the red, white, and blue.

Our Goals

We Federalists are all here to make tomorrow a better place by strengthening our national government, and to do this we plan to:

  • Have the federal government pay the cost of our Revolutionary War debts.
  • The federal government assume the states' debt form the war
  • Create a National Bank

Views On the French Revolution

We believe that we should not go to war with the British or the French and should remain in a state of neutrality.

Power of the Government & Creating National Bank

As Federalists we promote a strong central government and that having a National Bank would help strengthen the government we have currently. By collecting small taxes we would be able to build our government.

Alien & Sedition Acts & the War of 1812

We federalists support the Alien & Sedition Acts as these act would weaken the power of the democratic Republic.

We are opposed to the war against Britain though it may not have be right that the British captured American ships and, force them into military service. Federalists believe that this conflict could have been resolve in another way.