Stop, Breath & Think

teaching you how to meditate.

How the app works

When you open the app, there are a few options. First, there's a tab that says How Are You. When you click on it, it gives you the option to dim the screen for 10 seconds. This is so you can "stop, breathe & think". It asks you how you are mentally and physically. Then you pick up to five emotions. It then takes all of the data you gave it and gives you 3+ meditations. The other options are teaching you how to meditate, a list of meditations. and your progress.


It does really give you a piece of mind, and the app is easy to navigate. It looks clean and the instructions are easy to follow. You can follow your process and get rewarded by your use by stickers and it gives you feedback.


A lot of the meditations you actually have to buy. I understand because that is a very common thing with free apps. However, I like to do sleep meditation, and that is one of the ones you have to pay for.