By: Addie T. Kami H. Elenora V. Brock F. Hunter B.

Weather In Grasslands

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  1. Summer:100 degrees.

  • Winter:-40 degrees.
  • does it rain?:yes.
  • How many times does it rain in a year:30 times.
  • How many times does it rain in a year:12 times.
  • Animals: Oryx,Hyraxes,prairie dogs,baboons,zebras.

Plants:blazing star survie in hot areas ,Big Blue stem survie in rainy areas.



The Purple Cone

  • The Purple Cone flower is a magenta plant that blooms in the mid summer.
  • The Purple Cone flower grows to 3 ft tall to 5 ft tall.
  • Bees and butterfly's help pollinate and also used for medicine.


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Maps help us find where we need to go. They can also help us by find what the temperature is in the grasslands.


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Animals in the Grasslands


Grasslands threats


  • Global warming could turn grass lands into desserts.
  • Ranching family's could take most of the room in the grass lands.
  • urban areas are increasingly cutting into grass lands.
  • When only one crop is grown pests and diseases.

  • protect soul from erosion.
  • plant more trees
  • conduct dry seasons burning
  • restore soil that builds up in the dry grasses
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