Newsletter Week 4 Term 1

Meeanee School 23rd February, 2022


We are trying something a little different with our newsletter. This new programme that we are trialling allows us greater freedom to work on it at home and saves a lot of time on formatting. We will still be providing you with the same information but just in a different way.

I need to once again say thank you to our Meeanee School community for being such a big support to us during this interesting period of COVID-19. Parents/Caregivers are keeping their students home if they are showing signs of illness and getting their child tested. It is much appreciated as we continue to try to keep COVID-19 out of our school. Latest reports suggest over 400 schools and Early Childhood Centres have been affected so far.

On Monday evening I was lucky enough to look after our Year 7/8 Volleyball team in their SuperLeague game. I was so proud of this group of students who not only won, but showed outstanding team work and fair play.

Thank you to those adults who have volunteered to look after Sports Teams. This has enabled us to enter 3 Netball teams, 3 Basketball teams, and a Volleyball team into their grades. I also need to acknowledge all of the hard work that Kelly has put into organising everything so that we are well represented for a school of our size.

Be Kind, Stay Safe,



This weeks PB4L focus is:

  • We will respect the food we have available and place all rubbish in the appropriate places.

Please reiterate this message at home with your children.

If you look closely enough you will see that the Gems are starting to pile up!

Papakura Art

Papakura has created two main pieces of art this year which are now proudly displayed on their new classroom walls.

The first piece of art was a self portrait. Most of the class decided that they would add a mask as part of their portrait.

The second piece of art is all about them designed in the shape of a football.

Upcoming Events

  • Last Day Term 1 - 13 - April 2022
  • Teacher Only Day - 14 - April 2022

PTA (Parent Teacher Association)

It's great that we have had some replies to our last message. If you are interested in joining our PTA to help fundraise for our students please email

Remember our amazing sports uniforms that were purchased. We look amazing out at Basketball and Volleyball.