Yes for school uniforms!

Studies show that school uniforms help students greatly

By: Matt Gunn

Are school uniforms the right way to go?

School uniforms are something that students have been known to dislike. Did you know that school uniforms have been known to lessen violence, raise standardized test scores, and help students focus more in school? School uniforms are a good way to stop violence and raise test scores in America’s schools. School uniforms help students focus more in school, then if students are focusing more than test grades go up. School uniforms stop arguments about clothes certain students are wearing; therefore fewer students will get hurt over clothes. School uniforms are the way to go in the nation’s schools.

Can school uniforms curb violence and help students academically?

School uniforms have been known to help students academically in class. The topic was introduced by Bill Clinton when he was president. He stated that there have been students that killed one another just over a jacket or other article of clothing that a certain student had. He also said that if school uniforms were enforced on schools over the country then problems such as this would not be an issue, but students and even parents are not agreeing with the policy. Students have not shown up in their uniform, worn other clothes underneath, and even wearing a pin that supports Hitler youth just to stop his school uniform policy. Uniforms have been known to help students focus more in their classes. Teachers and school administrators embraced uniforms because of their purported ability to improve student behavior and academic performance. Since everyone will be wearing the same outfit then nobody will be distracted by a certain article of clothing someone is wearing (“Update: School uniforms”). So nobody will focus on someone else and they will be focusing on the lesson that is being taught. Thus, students will pay attention in class more, and they will learn more. If students are learning more then things such as standardized test scores and overall grades improve within the school. In the graph below, test scores, attendance, and infractions are all shown and the test scores and attendance have raised and infractions have decreased.

Opposition to school uniforms

Counter claims against school uniforms have been common in many different ways. They have stated that uniforms are too “bland” or “dull” for students to wear. They have also stated that kids in school these days are the world’s future artists, writers, actors and that their creativity should not be held back by school uniforms. Kent J. Fisher of the Salt Lake Tribune argues that revoking students’ rights of expression and creativity by not letting them wear what they want every day is against the spirit and laws of our nation (Fetzer). In Long Beach California Unified School district which is one of the first school districts to enforce uniforms K-8 in 1994 had its violence rate drop by 22% while the schools attendance also increased. So, is letting students wear what they want to school every day worth taking the risk of students arguing over an article of clothing and one of them getting hurt? It could also be that students get distracted by someone else’s outfit they have on and the student stops paying attention in class. Letting students wear what they would like is not the right way to go in this issue when you are taking the risk of someone getting hurt or dropping their grade.

School Uniforms

In Conclusion

In conclusion, school uniforms are a great way for students to improve in school and stop violence. If more schools across the country would enforce uniform policies then better things would happen. As of 2006 roughly 1 in every 5 schools in America has some type of school uniform policy. Hopefully that number will go up and more schools will have uniforms.

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