WPA(The Second New Deal)

May 6, 1933

The WPA (Works Progress Administration) was intended to help provide jobs for unemployed people.
The WPA was to provide useful work for millions of victims of the Great Depression and to preserve their skills and self-respect.
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The WPA does fall under the Relief, Recovery, or Reform Program because it helps Recovery, it was a temporary program to restart the flow of consumer demand.
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This program was really successful at relieving the economic crisis, it helped employ millions of unemployed people.
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It helped me understand how bad it really was and how bad the great depression unemployed millions and the acts that roosevelt did, helped america.
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No, the WPA closed down in 1943, i think it should not be around today because that would mess up the economy again.
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WPA (Works Progress Administration) - 1937
This video shows some of the programs that the WPA helped unemployed people get back on their feet.

  • Working on roads for cars to be able to drive on
  • Helped build many state parks
  • Construction of reservoirs