Animals Arround You

Being familiar with the animals the surround you


When it comes to sharks they can be very dangerous. When stranded on an island and when you swim in the ocean you need to be on the look out for sharks. You dont want to be all sparatic while in the water you want to stay come and under control. If you have a cut then you should not be swimming in the water then because otherwise you will attract sharks to come over because sharks are attracted to your blood. There are so many things that you can do to prevent a shark attack by just following these basic steps.

Bahamian Boa Constrictors

To be aware of Bahamian Boa Constrictors You need to know where there habitat is so you can avoid those areas as best as you can. These Boa's Mainly live in trees and in shrubs. So while you are out wandering the tropical forest you want to keep in mind you surroundings so that you don't just walk over a bush or under a tree because a accident is just waiting to happen. They also live in between rocks which can be very dangerous because if your wandering on the rocks near the beach on the island and you walk over rocks without thinking twice about it then you will be stuck in a pickle. You always want to be on the lookout for these predators. They arn't out to hurt you, you just end up encroahing in the natural habbitat. JUst be smart when stranded on a tropical island.

Black Widow Spider

There is a lot to know about a black widow spider. They live under stones or logs in a woodpile. They also live in holes in dirt and in your clothings. You need to be aware of these deadly spiders becuase you can die within 5 hours of the spider bite. For example when you wake up in the morning after being on a tropical island check all of your items of clothing to make sure nothing is lurking within in them. It would be just unfortunate to be bite by one of these deadly creatures. Overall just be aware of whats around you.

Oriental Pied Hornbill

A oriental pied hornbill can be found in many tropical areas. To be aware of these animals they tend to eat mainly fruit they also eat insects and small animals mainly reptiles. They make a very distinct sound it would be best described as a cackle sounding noise. These birds have a long bill which is made of honeycomb. These birds are very noticable looking birds that stand out and you would notice them from far away if you were ever going to approach one when you on a island. Oriental Pied Hornbill birds are very strange and unique birds.