Bheemashakti Yoga

Handstand Workshop

Learn to how to develop hand balancing away from the wall!

Handstand Workshop

Saturday, Aug. 3rd, 3-5pm

3811 Ray Street

San Diego, CA

New rescheduled Date due to closure of venue: Thank you for you patience. Jonathan.

Develop a handstand practice that will, step by step, help you achieve the landmark ability: balancing without the wall for support.

Utilize the Bheemashakti Yoga System brought back from India by Jonathan Patriarca to guide your handstand practice. Sometimes trying to figure out how to balance on your hands on you own is the wrong approach. It was for me. It wasn't until I was guided by my teacher, H.R. Suresh, did I learn the strategy to achieve a stronger handstand.

This is a 2 hour workshop to develop a self practice and to understand how to achieve balancing without the wall.

Costs $25 pre-register and $35 at the door.

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Jonathan Patriarca

Jonathan Patriarca, founder of Bheemashakti Yoga System, as taught by H.R. Suresh, has been a long time practitioner of yoga. With a firm background in medicine, as a registered nurse, he has also had the honor of studying with masters like Pattabi Jois, David Swensen, Ganga White, Rudra Dev, and his most recent teacher H.R. Suresh. Through his studies under H.R. Suresh, in India for five years, Jonathan was introduced to the ancient system of progressively opening and strengthening through kriya and kapalabhati techniques. Jonathan is the only Westerner to bring this system to the West and to have further developed it to make yoga accessible to all body types accelerating the opening, strengthening, and energizing of all bodies within a short period of time. Jonathan currently lives in San Diego, California where he has a loyal following of successful Bheemashakti practitioners.