The Law: It's All Greek to Me

Join your Panhellenic sisters to learn about laws!

Come Join Us!

Wednesday, Nov. 12th, 7:30pm

Gaines Theatre

Workshop Stations!

Come learn about aspects of the law that can protect you and help Panhellenic women understand how to make our community better!

ΓΦΒ: Cops and ΓΦΒbers- Knowing your rights

ΑΣΑ: ErΑΣΑble memories- Reporting Crimes

ΖΤΑ: No Crooked Crowns- Alcohol awareness

ΦΜ: PrΦΜote peace- Making a Positive Impact on the Community

ΑΔΠ: Protecting your Diamonds- Home and Personal Safety

ΑΦ: Avoid ChΑΦs- Detecting Dangerous Situations

ΔΓ: Raising the BΔΓ- Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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