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Incentive Time

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Calling all Front Line!

So who's ready for an incentive?!?

With so many exciting things happening with Origami Owl and the opportunity for our businesses to grow even further, I've decided to add a little more excitement to the mix. For the entire months of March and April 2014, I am going to do an entry point system for Personal Volume (PV) and Personally Sponsored Designers for you and only you, my Front Line.

The points for both months (March 1 through April 30) will be calculated as follows:

- 1 point for every $500 in PV (example ~ $750 PV = 1 pt; $1,000 PV = 2 pts)

- 2 points for every designer added to your front line

I will total the points on May 1 and announce the winner with the most points!

So what do you get??

The winner will receive one Large Silver Twist Locket which includes the Pure White Interchangeable Locket Face. But that's not all . . . . you will also receive ALL three Interchangeable Locket Faces, one Large Window Wish Plate, and the 20" Silver Toggle Chain.

Let's take advantage of these fabulous changes happening around us and rock it!!

NOTE - Please do not post anything on our Team Facebook Page. This incentive is for my Front Line ONLY! Any questions, please contact me directly.

Contact Information

Tammy Miller, Senior Team Leader

Origami Owl Independent Designer