KHS Updates


Bell schedules for the week of May 23rd

Wednesday, May 25th AND Friday, May 27th are flex day schedules ending at 12:54pm

May 31st, June 1st and June 2nd- Finals (Minimum Day Schedules)

We will have a finals / minimum day schedule on May 31st, June 1st, and June 2nd. School ends at 12:00pm on those days.

(See below for the link to the "Senior Updates" newsletter, which has information specific to the schedule for graduating seniors)

No School Monday May 30th- in observance of Memorial Day

Late Start School Times will start this coming 22-23 school year!

Senate Bill 328 “Late Start” Schedule

In 2018, the California State Senate passed Senate Bill 328 requiring middle schools and high schools to begin no earlier than 8:00 am and 8:30 am respectively. This law goes into effect on July 1, 2022. As such, the District has worked to create a universal bell schedule that takes into account student transportation, coordination with our elementary district partners, as well as after-school activities and athletics.

All Comprehensive High Schools in our school district will have the same start and end times.

  • Start time will be 8:45am
  • Regular day end time will be 3:40pm
  • Flex day end time will be 2:40pm (The traditional Wednesday “Flex Day” has been moved to Tuesdays)
  • Traditional zero periods will begin at 7:45am

Knight High School will continue to have A and B snack and lunches.

There will be more information going home over the course of the summer so please keep an eye out.

No Homeroom 22-23 school year!

With the newly aligned universal district school bell schedules, Knight High School will no longer have homerooms built into student schedules.

Please understand that tardiness to school, for next year, will go against their 1st period academic class and could have an affect on academic progress as would be the case for tardiness towards any other class period.

Summer School, Summer 2022

  • Summer School will begin July 5th
  • Times are 8:30-2:30pm with a 1/2 hour lunch time in between sessions.
  • Soon we will send out a message to those who have signed up to acknowledge we have received your application.
  • You can still sign up if you haven't already.

Please know that we will try to get you into the class you requested. If for some reason the class you requested is not available or is full. We will look to place you in another class you need.

If you have an extended school year designation, your start date will be June 29th.

Please use the link below if you still need to fill out a summer school application:

Class of 2022 - Senior Updates

Do you need information on Senior Checkout, Grad Practices, and the Graduation Ceremony? Click the button below to view our latest Senior Updates Newsletter.

Class of 2023 - Book Your Senior Photo Session

Class of 2023 it is time to book your Senior Photo Session with O'Connor Photography. See the image below for information on booking your session today!
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