Danya Q.

Profession: Student!!!!

About Me!!

I live in a small town somewhere in Northeast Nebraska. I go to a decently beautiful junior high. I have two dogs that are totally optimistic and I just adore them. They are awesome!!! I, on the other hand, am very boring. I'm a bookworm ;) I'm not only a bookworm, though. I love art!!! It's like poetry through pictures!! In my opinion, poetry and the best artistic pictures are equally extraordinary. I love to bake as well. My specialty? Deep, Dark Chocolate Cake with my made up recipe of Perfect Chocolate Fudge drizzled on top. But enough of that mouth-watering goodness!! Let's move onto...

3 Important Facts About Me!!

1. I write books.

Explanation: I became a little more than a bibliophile. I loved books to the point where I would continuously add more to a book that I had recently read until it seemed to end the way I want it to, even though it had ended already. Soon, these ideas started to accumulate and I just started throwing them together. Now, I use these ideas for books that I write, even today!! ;)

2. I love trying to make new things.

Explanation: I believe strongly in the saying, "If you eat mat, you eat mat hard."--said by gymnast Haley Graham in the movie "Stick It!". It means that, whatever you do, you try your hardest. I also take it to mean to never let anything get you down. I have tried many successful things using this saying, and I have even managed to start my own art style. SO, I always love trying new and hard things, no matter what anyone tells me ;)

3. I'm not a technology person ;)

Explanation: I don't text, I barely talk on the phone. I don't use technology much. The only thing that I do use is a laptop, and even then the only thing that I go onto is my g-mail to send a little mail. Then I get on my Google Docs and start to write. I don't use technology much. At all!! Like I said earlier, I'm not a technology person. ;)

3 Things that Are important to Me!!

My dogs!!!


...And Scooter!!!

Writing and Stuff!!