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Rains High School

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Notes From The Nurse

Let’s NOT talk about COVID. In fact, let’s talk about HAPPY things.


1. Do things for others—be generous.

2. Connect with people—surround yourself with people who lift you up and hold you

accountable to do good things.

3. Take care of your body—move! Be active, take walks.

4. Live life mindfully—stop and take notice of the wonderful world around you!

5. Keep learning new things—it exposes us to new ideas and helps us stay curious and engaged.

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RHS Golf

Our boys golf team competed at the Regional Tournament last Wednesday and Thursday. Unfortunately, this is where our season will come to a close. Our boys represented Rains well, and finished 8th overall in a tough Region II. While we didn't get the result we wanted, our guys had a great season and if you get the chance tell them congrats. Coach Austin Wasson said.

Team: Andrew Balthrop, Logan Green, Kyle Evans, Kole Sustaire, Blake Alexander, Luke Kile

Other Results from the Season:

Lone Oak Invitational: Tournament Champs, Logan Green Top Overall Score

Edgewood Invitational: 3rd Place

Alba Golden Invitational: Tournament Champs

District 12 Tournament: Tournament Champs

RHS Track

Very proud of our Rains track athletes at Regionals the last two days.

M. Henry finished 6th in the pole vault (only point winner from Rains).

J. Campbell finished 7th in the high jump.

B. Gudger finished 11th in the 1600.

L. Rimbey was 16th in the pole vault.

D. Hurley finished 9th in the 400.

A. Songer finished 9th in the 300H

P. Simmons finished 10th in the 200.

C. Lloyd finished 12th in the 100.

Girls 4x100 (Simmons, K. Chastain, Henry, Lloyd)

Finished 13th

Upcoming Games This Week

Wildcat Baseball

Tuesday, April 27th, 7pm

500 West Stadium Drive

Grand Saline, TX

LadyCats Softball Playoffs

This is the link to purchase tickets at Melissa HS for the softball game.

Rains vs. Gunter @ Melissa
Rains on Third Base Side
>Game 1 - Thursday, April 29, 6:00PM (Gunter is home team)

Wildcat Baseball

Friday, April 30th, 7pm

1651 U.S. 69

Emory, TX

Wildcats play the Grand Saline Indians at 7:00 on our home field.

Wildcat Legends

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Junior High Girls Track

The 7th and 8th grade girls competed in the district track meet on Monday, March 29th in Chisom.

Event placement for eighth grade, in the 2400, E. Prinz placed 3rd, C. Ferrell placed 4th, and G. Childers placed 5th. In the 4x100 relay K. Potts, I. Stroman, M. Moczygemba, and D. Perez placed 6th. In the 800 run, E. Prinz placed 2nd and A. Fuller placed 5th. In the 100 dash, K. Potts placed 6th. In the 100 hurdles, Z. Philson placed 1st and S. Harris placed 6th. In the 4x200 relay, A. Fuller, I. Stroman, M.Moczygemba, and E. Knight placed 3rd. In the 300 hurdles Z. Philson placed 1st, S. Harris placed 5th, and D. Ray placed 6th. In the 200 dash E. Knight placed 2nd. In the 1600 run C. Ferrell placed 4th, E. Prinz placed 5th, and A. Fuller placed 6th. In the 4x400 Z. Philson, E. Knight, S. Harris, and M. Moczygemba placed 1st. In shot put J. Phillips placed 1st. In discus E. Knight placed 1st and Z. Philson placed 5th. In triple jump I. Stroman placed 2nd and A. Fuller placed 4th. In the high jump K. Potts placed 5th. In pole vault I. Stroman placed 1st and D. Perez placed 5th.

Event placement for 7th grade, in the 2400 I. Aldaco placed 4th and E. Ontiveros placed 6th. The 4x100 relay with H.Hyatt, K. Ragsdale, J. Lewers, and A. Patterson placed 2nd. In the 800 run V. Rios Osornio placed 1st and A. Chastain placed 3rd. In the 100 hurdles S. Nerkowski placed 1st and E. Conner placed 2nd. In the 4x200 relay H. Hyatt, E. Ontiveros, E. Conner, and J. Lewers placed 2nd. In the 400 dash V. Rios placed 1st. In the 300 hurdles A. Patterson placed 1st, S. Nerkowski placed 2nd, and E. Conner placed 4th. In the 1600 run I. Aldaco placed 5th and E. Ontiveros placed 6th. In the 4x400 relay S. Nerkowski, J. Lewers, V. Rios Osornio, and H. Hyatt placed 1st. In long jump A. Patterson placed 1st, S. Nerkowski placed 2nd, and A. Chastain placed 5th. In shot put P. Kilgore placed 1st, A. Lemoine placed 3rd, and G. Shreves placed 4th. In discus A. Ivie placed 1st and G. Shreves placed 3rd. In triple jump A. Patterson placed 1st, A. Chastain placed 3rd, and J. Lewers placed 6th. In high jump S. Nerkowski placed 5th. In pole vault E. Roan placed 2nd and A. Dudley placed 5th.

These results landed these two JH teams the distinguished title of District Champs.

“The 7th and 8th Grade girls Won the District Track Meet. We are so proud of all these girls! They have competed well in all sports. No matter how hard the practice might have been, the girls bought into the program and were successful all year long!!! Both grades brought home the District Titles in Volleyball, Basketball and Track!!! Congratulations on a great year. Thank you for always giving it your all and always willing to compete. This will be a year we will always remember.” From Coach Hodge, Coach Young and Coach Dixon

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Front Row:Courtney Ferrell, Kennedy Potts, Angel Williams,Hava Hyatt, Alli Chastain, Evelyn Conner, Kamara Ragsdale, Joecey Lewers, Madison Moczygemba, Izzy Stroman

Middle Row: Kaidence Walker, Elizabeth Roan, Dulce Perez, Valeria Rios, Isabella Aldaco, Emily Ontiveros, Abigail Dudley, Amie Patterson, Sasha Nerkowski, Zyhon Philson, Scarlett Harris, Jazzy Phillips

Back Row: Emerson Prinz, Addison Fuller, Addyson Ivie, Alex Lemoine, Presley Kilgore, Emma Knight, Caroline Piles, Grace Childers, Kaliyah Ragsdale, Gracie Shreves, Hannah Hollinquest, Delana Ray

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