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News from Room 215 for the week of March 9

Tisch's Tidbits


Yahoo! We have finished the applied skills portion of ISTEP! While we take a quick breather, IREAD-3 will be next. We will practice this Thursday (the 12th) early afternoon until about 2:30. This will give the children experience on the computer with the format and types of questions. We will then take the official test on Monday, March 16 from 10:30;12:30. Please make every attempt to have your child in school during these times.

Published Books

As we mentioned earlier in the school year, this class of third graders will be our second to experience the creation of a published book about their specialty animals! In your child's folder today you will find the materials necessary to have your child participate. We believe the ordering situation is complex enough that we wanted to clarify in this letter exactly what to do.

1. You will receive a complimentary (FREE!) copy of your child’s individual book if you return the attached BLUE order form. You may check the “No” box at the end of the blue form if you want only one copy. If you want a second (or third, or fourth) book, you need to complete the entire form and pay for it using one of the methods offered. All books other than the complimentary one cost $19.95.

2. If time permits, we will also be creating a class book with two pages designed by each child in the class. You will not receive a complimentary copy of this book. I will send an order form home IF we end up doing this. Your child did not bring an order form home for the class book today-only the individual book.

3. Place the order form in the small, white envelope provided and complete the information on the front. Under “Total Books Ordered,” please only list the one(s) you are paying for (i.e., do not add the complimentary one).

We will need your returned form on or before March 11. Our entire class must have them turned in, or we will be unable to proceed. We have sample books from last year if you want to get an idea of what they look like. Please do your part to help us get this accomplished!!!

Family Science Night

Family science night will take place on March 11 from 6:00-7:30. Please RSVP if you would like to come! Bub's Burgers and Inga's Popcorn will be here too!

Yearbook Orders
Last call for yearbooks! Each yearbook is $15 and tomorrow will be the last day they will be accepted. :)

PTO Silent Auction

So far 73 tickets have been sold for this Saturday's event! Our goal is 100 so if you would like to attend our final fundraiser of the year, please purchase your ticket by going to the SGE website and clicking on the link. I will be there and hope to see you there!

Pi Day

Friday is a super special day as it is Pi Day 3-14-15. To celebrate, feel free to dress like a scientist. We will be doing some experiments on this day and studying Albert.


March 10-published book order forms are due

March 13- third quarter ends/Pi Day (dress like a scientist)

March 12-IREAD practice from 1:45-2:30

March 14-PTO Silent Auction

March 16: IREAD-3 (3rd grade)

March 20-College Wear Day/Grades posted on MISI

March 27-April 5 Spring Break

April 13-16-Spring Book Fair

April 9 - 23: NWEA (1st - 4th grades)

April 27 - May 15: ISTEP Multiple Choice (3rd & 4th grades)

Lots of Learning!


-problem solving

-quadrangles (naming them by points)


-drawing and measuring angles

-test will be next Thursday


-nonfiction text

-citing evidence

-review of skills


sound experiments


-editing/writing final draft for fables

These are due on Monday to be sent out to the publisher!


Cupcake group-bossy r (ir, ire, ier)

Popsicle group-prefixes (ex-, non-, in-, fore-)