The Weekly Olé January 8, 2021

Rancho Minerva Middle School - FAMILY EDITION


Marissa and Hailie Montgomery are 8th grade scholars at Rancho Minerva Middle School. Both Marissa and Hailie excel in school, and are extremely talented photographers. They have been awarded the scholar photographer of the week multiple times, and when you look at their work, it's easy to see why.

Marissa shares that " I like photography because I can be creative and have fun. There are so many different types of shots to learn about, and so many cool things to make your pictures stand out."

Hailie shares that, " I love photography because you can have fun and express yourself through taking pictures. I like being able to walk around my neighborhood and look for things that could make a great picture. I like all the assignments that we get every week that challenges us to take pictures that we would never think to take." Both girls love to take pictures of their dog Bella.

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Our Rancho Minerva family is here and ready to help!

We know you have a lot of questions.

Don't be afraid to call us and ask!

To maintain physical distancing and safety for all, please make an appointment before coming to campus. We want to be sure that we have someone to assist you when you arrive.


Please call us at any time between 8am - 3:00pm for assistance.

FRONT OFFICE - (760) 631-4500


Please take a moment to give us your feedback related to college and career readiness. We will be using this feedback to design our course offerings for Fall 2021. Thank you!

Love Science? Love Computer Science? Volunteers needed!

The purpose of the STEM Collaborative is to build a volunteer community of science leaders who are interested in shaping the future of STEM in Vista Unified. The group will meet once every two months to identify the state of STEM education and develop strategies to guide the vision of STEM education in Vista. We’re looking for individuals (teachers, parents, students, counselors, other educators, and community partners) who are passionate about STEM education and possibilities in our community. The group will operate as a think tank to steer science (climate science) and computer science with the TK-12 learners in the Vista Unified.

Anyone interested should submit your interest to the site principal by January 13, 2021.

Click photo below for more information.

Weekly Update

“No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again.”


All Scholars Virtual through 1/15/2021 - NO SCHOOL ON 1/18/21

At the board meeting on 12/17/20, it was decided that ALL middle school scholars would be virtual until 1/15/21. Those families who chose CLASSIC will return to in-person learning on Tuesday, January 19 (Monday is a holiday).

ASES Program is Offering Tutoring

ASES is now offering free tutoring for all scholars! If you have any questions, please reach out to

AM ASES - 7 - 8:30 AM

6th/7th/8th - Zoom Link

PM ASES - 3:45 - 5:45 PM

6th Grade - Zoom Link

7th Grade - Zoom Link

8th Grade - Zoom Link

Scholar Engagement

All RMMS scholars are expected to be engaged in school for the entire school day - even in the asynchronous times. Teachers are hosting tutoring sessions and office hours to support scholars that are struggling or missing work. MANY scholars are not taking advantage of these opportunities. Please talk to your scholar about attending these important sessions.

We want to encourage every student to have their camera ON during each lesson. On a relational level when the camera is off it's difficult for our staff to make connections with their students. On a teaching and learning level, our teachers use student facial expressions and gestures to gauge student learning/understanding and most importantly student engagement. Teaching a class of students with their cameras off is similar to a teacher teaching a class of students who have their heads resting on their desk and their hoodie pulled over their heads.

Meal Distribution Available to ALL families

We continue to offer a full seven days of breakfast and lunch at our Vista Virtual meal distribution sites. We distribute meal packages on Mondays and Wednesdays at our sites throughout the VUSD community. Packets come with many pre-assembled meals and instructions for storing, preparing, and serving those meals. Service is available for all children 18 & under, with no forms or paperwork required.

Locations, days, and times for Vista Virtual meal distribution are as follows:
All meals served on Monday & Wednesday

8AM - 9AM: Roosevelt Middle School; Vista High School

10AM -12PM: Foothill Oak Elementary School

11AM - 1PM: Grapevine Elementary; Madison Middle; Maryland Elementary; Rancho Buena Vista High School; Roosevelt Middle School; VAPA; Vista High School

3PM - 4PM: Vista High School

Materials Distribution

Materials and textbooks were distributed to all of our scholars. These materials are necessary for your scholars to continue their work from home. If your scholar missed this opportunity, please call the office to schedule a time to pick up these materials at your earliest convenience. Please call 760-631-4500.

All scholars will be working in the Virtual Model through January 15, 2021.

For the VIRTUAL schedule, see below.



Message to scholars: Counseling would like to wish you a safe and happy winter break! We encourage you to reflect on this school year so far and think about how you want to start 2021! Did you not go/log on to class as much as you should have? Are your grades not where you want them to be? Did you not attend office hours? Were you overwhelmed or discouraged? You are not alone! Think about how far you’ve come, how much stronger you are. Or maybe you ROCKED this school year and that’s awesome-raise the bar higher!

If you need to contact us, please see our information below or fill out the virtual counseling request form Virtual Counseling Request Form. Canvas tiles from your counselor with information and resources will be coming soon. Also, join our new Instagram account @rmmscounseling for updates and announcements!

Scholars with the last name A-L

Mrs. Ramirez

760-631-6400 ext. 64005

Scholars with the last name M-Z

Ms. Mayoral

760-631-6400 ext. 64003


With COVID-19 concerns, it is more important than ever that your emergency contacts are up-to-date. When we return to school, if a scholar shows any symptoms of COVID-19, we will be contacting you to pick them up immediately. This is for everyone's safety. If you are unsure about how to do update your Parent Portal in Aeries, please contact the front office for assistance. 760-631-4500


Membership Link

Please use this link to get access to all the PTA flyers.

RMMS Facemasks are available for $12. Visit PTA page on RMMS website for more information.

20-21 PTA Board:

President - Ashley Tovar (click name for email)

Vice President - Ashley Doyea

Secretary - Lucia Rodriguez

Treasurer - Amanda Remmen

Looking for a job? VUSD is hiring!

Please check job postings at the following link: VUSD JOBS

You are a VIP!

The Vista Institute for Parents (VIP) is a collaborative effort to create a system of support to engage and empower families as partners in education.

  • Facilitating access to academic supports
  • Prioritizing care and connection
  • Building technology literacy
  • Helping families effectively navigate the education system

This website is designed to provide up-to-date resources and videos, a platform to communicate with our support team and get connected to others, to learn new skills and tips for your family, and have fun with us as we all continue to grow and learn together to support our amazing Vista Unified students. This is an ever-evolving program, so if you identify something you would like to share or learn, please reach out to us today! Here's to being partners in education!

COVID Information & Updates

Thank you to all the families who have shared health concerns with our Health Office. You are doing your part to keep our school safe and open!

Public Testing Sites:

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