A Small White Scar

By: K.A. Nuzum

Characters and author


Will is a cowboy and has a brother named Denny. Will wanted to go to the La Junta rodeo, but his dad won't let him. Will so desided to run away, with his horse named Deep. Denny, Wills brother, fallowed Will and soon they made it to La Junta; however, Denny go bit by a rattlesnake.


The conflict of this book is man vs. nature because Will and Denny run away in thunderstorms that they cant stop.


One theme of this book is journey because Denny and Will run away and adventuring through the desert. Another theme is achievement because Will made it to La Junta rodeo.

Precept and Book Quote

The Precept is "The man who moves the mountain must start by moving small stones." "I was Hoping the stream had a strong flow so I could wash out Denny's bite real good." Page 99-100


I choose a rattlesnake because Denny got bit by the snake, and its a huge part in the story.
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