PRIDE in Absecon Public Schools

Education Excellence with the Absecon Education Association

Dear Absecon Families,

Thank you for sharing your email address with Absecon Education Association! We are grateful to have so many parents who are interested in becoming more informed about AEA and in building partnerships that will benefit our students and the entire school community.

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Absecon Education Association is an organization of 97 members. We are a democratic organization working to create the optimal environment to achieve excellence in public education in Absecon. Our organization is made up of teachers and support staff members, including custodians, secretaries, our school nurse, child study team members, and classroom/student aides.

We work to promote a quality system of public education for all Absecon students. This includes working for the welfare of students, the advancement of education, and the improvement of instructional opportunities for all. AEA also seeks to develop and promote the adoption of such personnel policies and standards of preparation and participation as mark a profession.

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2nd Annual Absecon Education Association Drop and Shop

Friday, Dec. 4th, 5pm

100 Pitney Road

Absecon, NJ

Members of the Absecon Education Association will be organizing a variety of activities and crafts in the Great Hall of the Absecon United Methodist Church for this year's Drop and Shop. Take advantage of a few free hours to complete holiday shopping by having children partake in some incredible activities with some the familiar faces of the Absecon Education Association. Members will be volunteering for the evening to create a memorable night for the kids while you get a head start on some holiday shopping.
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To the educator who inspires young minds to go further than they ever knew they could.

To the mother who stops at nothing to bring out the best in her child.

To the secretary who knows the answer before you even ask the question.

To the father who believes in the dreams of his children.

To the aide who motivates and helps to reach new heights.

To the grandparent who never misses an event, award, or smile.

To the custodian who prepares our learning environment for tomorrow.

To the brothers and sisters who blaze the path for younger siblings.

To the nurse who sees us safely through the school day.

To the student whose future is bright with a team like this behind them!

We are all in this together!


Public Education

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As you may be aware, AEA members have been working without a contract since June 30, 2015. Our team has been negotiating in good faith with the Board of Education since January 2015. As of today, we have been unable to reach an agreement with the Board of Education. We are preparing to move into the mediation phase very soon. As a result, our association has been faced with the difficult decision to begin instituting job actions.

We want parents to know that AEA will consider any possible job action very carefully, always keeping the children and their families in mind. Any job action would serve to strengthen our unity and solidarity as an association, while never taking away from the education of our students or the partnership we share with their families. As you see us over the next few weeks, you will hear our message. “No contract. Still working. Always caring!”

If you would like to know more, please join us for the next Board of Education meeting on Thursday, November 19 at 7pm. AEA members will be outside the school at 6:30pm. Your attendance and support would be greatly appreciated.