by: Allison Crowe


Normally, you would think that a dogs favorite food is dog food, well it isn't that way for a Shih-tzu! Well, a shih-tzu's favorite food is any food at all! they'll eat cupcakes, candy, and even a barbie doll! The'll even eat the table scraps off your dinner plate! But its a shih-tzu's instinks to eat dog food when givin to them.

Top 10 problems

A shih tzus worst habit is well, its obviously biting but back then, it was barking and before that, it was licking, and before that, it was biting again, so you get the idea, so what iḿ trying to say is, shih tzus, can change there behaviors it all depens on what mood there in, yah, they have emotions too.
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Maggie Moo

Maggie is my dog, she is 15 years old, deaf, blind, and can´t smell very well either, but she is always familiar with her surroundings. Maggie is still a cute playful puppy!