Coming soon

Amusement park


Come too Millersburg. I will tell you why. An amusment park is coming soon. Thats much more exciting than a Walmart. Wouldnt you just love to drive 5 minutes down the road to have some fun? An amusment park would be great place to play ,have fun, meet new people, and hang out.

why it would be awesome

come to our amusement park

Having an amusement park would be so much better then staying home and watching T.V. , and saying I am bored, I have nothing to do. So  building a amusement  park would get kids up and moving. It also gets the kids out of their parents hair.

tourism and how it effects us

Having an amusement park would boost our economy by bringing money in to our city which would boost our school fundings, and it would help all the prices would go down. Then all the people in Holmes County would have more money.