The importance of a city is to be sustainable

Sustainability is important for us since it is important to take care of the people and city as well. For instance, Our farming helps to cultivate more resources and provide fresh air. Moreover we avoid waste of water and use to the necessity because water is an important source for every purpose. Lastly, we use less paper and save green since we could always reduce, recycle, and reuse.
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Urban land uses

Entertainment shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants, fast foods, different activity clubs and pubs - is useful when once in a while we would need do things differently like buying clothes, having dinner with friends, its not as expensive as the other cities,

All kinds of transportation system, buses, trains, cars, ships, ferry,bikes, cabs, airplanes etc.

Several Industries, factories, hospitals,polyclinics,convenient stores, spa, gym etc.

Various Educational Institutes i.e. schools, colleges, university etc.