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Join us as we enter our 22nd season of quality dance education!

At Danceworks, we believe that dance is a learning experience which lasts a lifetime. We are interested in developing dancers while building self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-discipline. Our dance programs are focused on education in a fun, professional, and safe environment, where all of our participants will feel at home. Whether in our youth or adult dance programs, every student at Danceworks is a member of our family, and will receive the best in Brooklyn dance education.

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We offer a great variety of classic and contemporary styles for all ages and levels complete with an award winning competitive team.

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Our Staff makes the difference!

Just as all dance studios are not alike, neither are all dance studio instructors. Your choice is crucial to your child’s future success as a dancer. Bad habits learned at a young age are extremely hard to break. Our instructors focus on proper placement and key fundamentals with emphasis on correct execution of steps, focus on clean lines, strength and stability.

Registration Hours:

Tuesday, 9/3 4pm - 7pm

Wednesday, 9/4 4pm - 7pm

Thursday, 9/5 4pm - 7pm

Sunday, 9/8 12pm - 4pm

Danceworks Dance Center is the place to be!

We pride ourselves on providing all dancers and parents with expert dance training and a positive learning experience for all involved. We believe that dancing from the heart and expressing your soul is the only way to truly dance.