Welcome To 4th Grade

By Jade Wetter

What I Like About My Classrooms/Mrs.Barbour's Class

  • I like having a big locker to share with my friends.
  • The boxes for our papers.
  • Having a colorful and peaceful room.
  • Binders to hold our DLR, Dear Doc, Journals, and Reading Note Book.
  • French Fries choices for our dead words.
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Mrs.Homen's Classroom

  • Having a math journal.
  • Math folder to hold stuff.
  • (BFMB) Big Fat Math Book.
  • A closet in case of emergency.
  • Big bucket full of suplies.
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What I Learned/ mental classes

  • B.M.E.
  • Social Studies
  • Wordly Wise.
  • Rewriting number sentences.
  • C.U.P.S

Physical Classes/P.E./Music/Art

  • Bones and Muscles of the body.

  • How to read music

  • How to make a Chinese simble.

Fun Things About 4th Grade

  • Eating in the cafetorium.
  • Sit where ever we want at lunch.
  • Choosing our own seats in the clasroom.
  • Sitting at the student teachers desk when answering a hard queston.
  • Doing Labs in science.

Feild Trips

  • Joyland
  • Movies
  • S.P.E.C
  • Texas Tech Agrilculture and wildlife
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  • Do not talk back to your teacher!
  • Get your work turned in on time no exceptions.
  • Be modle student so you won't get in trouble.
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