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Locomotion is a marvelous book, everyone should read it to see a different perspective of how people live.

First, it can show you memorable life lessons, like when his sister was separated from him and the death of his parents. He will never be or see the right way ever again.

Next, If you read this book with a open mind, you could somehow relate to him. This could change the way you think about things. Also like the time his sister wanted to teach him about God and he thought she was joking, but she was serious and she said she couldn't be with him until he understood about God.

Finally, I rate this book five stars, because it opened a door to success in my life. If you read it I think it would help you also.

Picture Caption: The official book of Locomotion


Talking with Phillip


Q1: What do you think about?

Phillip: I think he's sensitive and helpless.

Q2: Why did you enter the contest?

Phillip: I only entered the contest to win, not to make friends.

Q3: What would you predict if you became friends with Logan again?

Phillip: I predict that the same thing would happen again, it won't wok out.

Q4: How can you get a advantage over logan?

Phillip: The only answer for that is hard work and dedication.

Q5: If you had to be partners with him would you avoid him?

Phillip: Half of the time I would but mostly I would because to be honest I feel that he holds me back in the contest.

Q6: How would you describe daisy?

Phillip:She's two sided one minute shes a spy the next minute shes our best friend.

Q7: How could you prove that Daisy is a spy?

Phillip:One day when she was going through a portfolio I caught her looking at her assignment for her "spying"

Q8: What evidence supports why people call you rude is rude?

Phillip: To be honest I have no idea, its a contest that i'm focused about not the people around it.

Q9: Why do you think Logan let Miles stick his hand in chocolate?

Phillip: Because Logan has a hard time saying no to friends.

Q10: How is Logan similar to Miles?

Phillip:They're both friendly and in my eyes I think they're both weirdos.


Saturday, May 6th 2006 at 11:30am

Life is Sweet Candy Factory


Where:At Life is Sweet Candy Factory

What:To look at competitors candy factory and try their candies. I think you should come because it helps you learn about the environment and also can give you a advantage if you wanted to enter the contest.