Joint scavenger hunt

Ball & Socket, Pivot, Hinge, Gliding

Ball & Socket

The video cameras can rotate like a shoulder

The door handle rotates in a limited circle motion

The platform that the speaker is on can move in any direction


The axle of the chair represents the pivot joint and how it rotates around one point.

The door handle shows it can bend to a certain point before having to go the other way like a pivot.

The clock hands show how it rotates the hands around one point.


The cabinet door shows a Hinge by turning one way to a certain point.

The door hinge moves one way in one way.

The gas gauge only moves one way to a stopping point.


The projector screen has to be pulled down in a gliding motion

The desk drawer has to be pulled in a horizontal gliding motion

The door on the food cart has to be pulled up in a gliding motion