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Surviving the Concentration Camps

Growing up is always difficult, but when you are a teenager in a prison camp it is even more difficult. Surviving Hitler by Andrea Warren takes place in Poland during World War II. Jack, the main character, had many experiences at one of the camps he went to called Blechhammer. After being transferred to other prison camps he ended up moving to Kansas City in America after the war. Some of the key characters in this book are prisoners named Moniek, Aron, and Jack. The reader also meets Uncle Syngnment, Jack’s mom, and his sisters.

While in the concentration camps Jack experiences many horrible things that no teenager should go through. One of Jack’s first friends out of all the concentration camps he went to is Aron who helps him to survive. He was like Jack’s second dad. Moniek was a loyal companion to Jack. Although he had these good companions, he was faced with the daily struggle to stay alive. That meant doing whatever the guards told him to do and not breaking any of the rules.

When they heard planes flying over their heads they knew that it was the Polish Army and they thought that Hitler was being defeated, which he was. The guards all dropped their guns and started to walk out of the concentration camps. As soon as Jack and Moniek saw the German troops walk out they started to celebrate. They went over to the female concentration camps in Aushowitz and liberated them. It was then that Jack found out that his mom, dad, and sisters died in the Nazi Concentration Camps. All he had left was his Uncle Syngnment. Jack and Uncle Syngnment immigrated to America and ended up living in an apartment in Kansas City!

Describing Jack

Describing Jack

Jack is the main character in the book Surviving Hitler. Moniek is a good friend of Jack’s who he meets in one of the concentration camps. Jack is a prisoner in the Nazi concentration camps. I got to know Jack when it was his turn to speak.. A Tiger Pride value that he shows in this book is that Jack is being responsible for himself. An example of Jack being responsible was on pg. 77, “The fumes were very strong and burned our eyes and throats. If I had stayed there long, I believe the chemicals would have permanently damaged my lungs and eyes.”

Turning Points

Author's Quotes

- pg. 55/ The author wrote they gave you small rations of food
because during when this takes place they would get treated awfully
- pg. 58/ The author said it was not easy to make friends but Jack did
because you were in shock and you wouldn’t want to talk to anyone
- pg. 83/ The Nazi’s were treating the Jews like dogs
The Jews had no rights back then
- pg. 104/ Aron said to Jack “ The beds are as hard as brick”
They made the beds really hard to make it uncomfortable for the jews
- pg. 114/ The author said a lot of people’s families died
because of all Nazi Death Camps they would shoot them and torture them


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On August 28, 1963 Martin Luther King Jr. said the “I have a dream speech

On April 4, 1968 Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated

On September 11, 2001 Osama bin Ladin crashed two planes into the world trait center killing thousands

On November 4, 2008 President Obama was elected as the President of the United States