Lockport City School District

June 2021 Points of Pride from Superintendent Bradley

As the 2020-2021 school year comes to an end, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all LCSD board of education members, employees, parents, and students for their cooperation and patience throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. It will forever be an unforgettable year with so many uncertainties, transition periods, and flexibility required as we managed the pandemic. Throughout the entire time, we reimagined teaching and learning with remarkable results. Our nurses and custodians were instrumental in keeping the infection rates in LCSD relatively low. Recognition to those behind the scenes is well deserved. A special thanks to all bus drivers and food service employees for their robust contributions during the past year. Now our efforts are on finishing strongly and focusing on the future. Districts anxiously await guidance from the New York State Education Department and the New York State Department of Health in order to prepare for the return to school in September. As guidance is received and reviewed, information will be shared as it becomes available. Best wishes to the Class of 2021. Stay safe and be well, everyone!
Lockport High School 2021

Lockport High School Class of 2021

Congratulations to the top ten students in the Class of 2021! Your achievements are impressive, your futures look bright, and may all of your dreams come true. Best wishes for continued success.

Rebecca Cioara, Valedictorian


The Lockport City School District is pleased to honor the 25 retirees from the Lockport Education Association and the Lockport School Employees Association. While this is a bittersweet moment for these individuals, it is quite an accomplishment. They will all truly be missed but we will have the good fortune of several returning to work for the district in a substitute capacity. Congratulations to all!

  • Rhana Chapman - Reading Teacher
  • Margaret Corraine - Teaching Assistant
  • Roxanne Devine - Teaching Assistant
  • Janet Fisher - Science Teacher
  • Christine Fragale - Elementary Teacher
  • Christine Greco - Elementary Teacher
  • Molly Koelle - Elementary Teacher
  • Julie Kwoka - Elementary Teacher
  • Mark Kwoka - Art Teacher
  • Martha LaPoint - Elementary Teacher
  • Wendy Lederhaus - Math AIS Teacher
  • Erin Minderler - Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • Anita Mullane - Teaching Assistant
  • Richard Russell - Special Education Teacher
  • Sandy Sarhal - Special Education Teacher
  • Barb Suess - Librarian
  • Carol Tall - Math Teacher
  • Lynn Wohleben-Currie - School Nurse
  • Cheryl Anterline - Teacher Aide
  • Connie Marquis - School Secretary
  • Theresa Dwyer - Speech Therapist
  • Curt Nighswander - Assistant Custodian
  • Stanley L. Wilson - Physical Education Teacher
  • Ron Cheatham - School Monitor
  • Donna Powers - Speech Therapist


Kyle Lambalzer has been a member of the Board of Education since July 2018. He has served on both the Policy Committee and the Facilities Committee. Kyle also served as a member of the Health Advisory Committee. Thank you to Trustee Lambalzer for his years of service to the district.
Kevin Pratt has been a member of the Board of Education since July 2012. He has served on the Facilities, Policy, Audit and Grievance Committees. Kevin was also a member of the Negotiations Team. Thank you to Trustee Pratt for his many years of service to the district.

June is Pride Month

June 10 was acknowledged and celebrated as PRIDE Day at Lockport High School. The Lockport High School learning community supports the human race by focusing on commonalities as well as accepting and learning from each other's differences. Students and staff had the opportunity to wear the colors of the rainbow or rainbow stickers as a show of support. Stickers were provided by members of the Unity Club and the LGBTQ+ Club. A video was also shown on the announcements explaining the history of PRIDE Month.

Juneteenth in Our Schools

Emmet Belknap Intermediate School

Students in Miss Pratt’s sixth grade class watched a video and discussed a reading about the Juneteenth flag. The Juneteenth flag commemorates the day that slavery ended in the United States. The red, white and blue represents the American flag, a reminder that slaves and their descendants were and are American citizens. The star represents the freedom of African Americans. Students then used their math graphing skills to plot the Juneteenth flag on a coordinate plane, which uses points and lines.

LCSD Spring Sports

Spring sports started the season off swinging, running and passing on May 3, 2021. This includes varsity and junior varsity baseball, softball, boys and girls lacrosse, track and field, boys tennis, and wrestling. All spring sports were cancelled last year and everyone was eager to get back to play. Most teams started off the season on a high note chalking up many wins along the way. Both the boys and girls varsity track teams are Niagara Frontier League (NFL) champions this year and are now preparing to compete in the Sectional and Class A meets. Also preparing for Sectional play will be wrestling, boys and girls lacrosse, boys tennis, baseball, and softball. Good luck to all of the teams. Let’s finish this season LION STRONG!

LCSD Art Department Best of Show

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