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Carolyn Hax

Dear : Carolyn

I've noticed that the CDD have been out and about, plus all of started to happen as soon as Sam left. I miss Sam so much. I wonder all the time if he's okay . I think about him all the time. Anyway my question is, Why is CDD been so active lately? Hope you write back.

-Curious Mom

Dear Curious Mom

The reason the CDD have been more active lately is because of Sam. People say he set off a virus called "Ursula". They are trying to locate him but he's some how disappeared . He'll turn up some where , but for now stay safe.


Movie Review

Do you know and love everything about technology?

If the answer is yes , then I have a movie for you! Brain Jack by Brian Falkner, is a must see. Critics say it will keep you on the edge of your seat begging for more. If your sitting around, complaining about being bored, then go see Brain Jack. You won't regret it.

Is it true the people are being brainwashed by Neuro?

It's true, We have reports saying that people are being brainwashed by Neuro . How this works is you put on a Neuro-Headset. Once you place it on your head it takes over the mind using thoughts. It makes you do what the average human wouldn't want to do. Like fight each other, war , etc. If I were you I would stay away from Neuro-Headsets

Help Wanted


If your looking for a job in the CDD then this is the ad for you

We are looking for young, intelligent individuals to work for us. So if you qualify then join us and help stop hackers!

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"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking, We used to create them."

-Albert Einstein

Neuro Headset

We have a new product called a Neuro Headset. This device allows you to use the internet without a laptop ,computer, or keyboard. You say how? I'll tell you, you simply place it on your head and go through the steps. This technology allows you to use the internet through thoughts.
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