By:Brandon Wallace


Extroverts are many things but mostly social and compassionate people. Extroverts are very interactive people for example walking in the hall and not being scared to ask a confused looking 6th grader about their class and directing them the way. Extroverts don't mind being in a noisy and or busy environment. Extroverts like being in the outside world a.k.a for me baseball. Extroverts LOVE to express their thoughts and feelings and they like to be be noticed by people.


Intuitive people like to observe patterns and connections, like I do so by observing the patterns on the walls that pass me. These types imagine the potential of things like, building instruments out of trash for an example. Intuitive people like to think about their concepts and ideas before throwing it into action. These intuitive people are very innovative and creative, and they like to think about possibilities for the future.


Feelers often look for solutions based on the feelings of others around them. They do this by considering the impact it might have on others. They like to engage their emotions and seek for harmony and appreciation from people, also go on gut feeling.


Perceivers are very well flexible and like to keep their options open. They don't make plans and go with the flow, so there can be surprises along the way. Free flowing people who move around like water with not much worries in their mind.