Inquiry Project

What are good or bad effects in advertising children/teens?

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By: Victor Ramirez

March 5,2015

Literacy 212

Initial thoughts

I thought at first that the people chose to be into the media. After i read the articles, i was thinking more that the media was influencing the people. Overall, i stuck with my choice that the media was influencing the people.

Summary Section

Article One

The media may cause a higher risk in obesity and can be a bad influence on children. Advertising persuades kids on wanting stuff and parents wasting millions. Too much TV causes kids to do poor in school. There may be also a higher increase in sexual activity for younger people.

Article Two

The media gives poor body image and causes increase in eating disorder. Most increase in eating disorders start during the teen years. Media gives poor body image on teens. Teens tend to get thinner/better image.

Article Three

Positive and negative effects on role models. Celebrities also have a positive/negative effects on children/teens. Most people agree that celebrities should be a good influence to children/teens.

Inquiry Answer/Opinion Section

Answer To Question

The good and bad effects in advertising children/ teens is all depended on what the media puts on for us. It could be both a good or bad influence. Either way the media ends up influencing and changing a different path for our future on a positive or negative note.

Article 1, Evidence 1

"According to Common Sense Media, kids who watch a lot of TV have smaller vocabularies and lower test scores in school. Also, these kids do not read as well as kids who watch less TV. Another study shows that the people with the highest degrees watched less TV as kids and teenagers. A third study shows that different forms of media affect school work differently." This quote from the article explains to us that a bad affect about the media affecting children/teens is on our actions/behavior. It also affects their change in education.

Article 2, Evidence 2

  • "In a study on fifth graders, 10 year old girls and boys told researchers they were dissatisfied with their own bodies after watching a music video by Britney Spears or a clip from the TV show "Friends". This quote from the article explains that there are bad effects on the media affecting the body images of children/teens in a negative way.

Article 3, Evidence 3

"Celebrities who are super skinny and always dressed up nice can alter your child's self image and might contribute to an eating disorder or low self-esteem.As a parent, you can influence your child by helping them determine what makes a good celebrity role model." This quote from the article explains that not only the media is affecting us, but also celebrity role models make a big impact on children/teens.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the media affects us people in many ways, whether it's in positive or negative way. The media and also celebrity role models make a big influence in our actions, body image, etc.


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