African Wild Dog

Lycaon Pictus


- Classified as a mammal. (Born Free{BF})

- It's usually a 75cm~110cm long in length

61cm~78cm in height

about 17kg~36kg in weight (Animal Info{AI}).

- Has long legs, massive jaws, bat like ears, and bushy tails.

- Use their scent, sounds, and postures to communicate.

(Out to Africa{OtA})


They hunt antelope, zebras ,wild beast ,buffaloes ,impala , and gazelles.

- They used their tactics to hunt larger animals like buffaloes.

Their predators are farmers, hunters, and rangers who shots and poisoned them.

Also, threat of diseases carried by domestic dogs will affect them.

(Kids' Planet (KP))


African Wild Dog often live in......
- Sub-Saharan Desert
- Mountain Summits
- Rain forests
- Savannas
- Bush
And its most of Africa where it's warm

(AI & BF)


Ears- allow them to have super sharp hearing.

can keep track of other members. (BF)

・They hunt in packs of 6~20 (BF).

Legs- allow them to run their max speed.

・Can run 35 mph for 3 miles(BF).

Eyes- can see long distances

Their dotted fur blend to their habitat.

African wild dog does not hibernate.

(Circle of Life{CoL})

African Wild Dog (Lycaon pictus)

Reason for endangerment

- Habitat loss

- Natural predators

- Getting diseases

- Shot by game rangers

There are fewer then 5000 dogs now exist in the world. (KP)

What we can do

- donate money to support

・All of the donations help.

Donation is needed!!

(African Wild Dog Conservancy)