Culture Collage

Flashback to the '50s

Washing Machines

The 1950 washing machines gave american's more time to due other things because they could just throw their clothes in and they will be done in 45 minutes saving time.


The new invented refrigerator made it so food would not go bad as fast and they could store a lot more food in the fridge. The refrigerator was a very good and new invention that brought people excitement to many people.


Theses cars were mass produced in the 50's and they were very popular with families having multiple cars. The cars were very popular and they produced millions in one year.


In the 50's TVs became colorful so the families could enjoy their TV with color. This was a new form of entertainment to families. It also brought many good news brought to the people faster than before.


They listened to rock and roll in the 50's with artists like Elvis Presley and Sarah Vaughn. This music was very different from all of the other eras and it brought new music eras alive.

Juke box

This Juke box brought a variety of music to different stores and restaurants so they could listen to their music everywhere. This brought much enjoyment to people who loved music and liked to listen to it.

Tape Recorder

This allowed people to record people, this was very useful to the police and other people that needs to use it. The tape record helped also with remembering information about events.


This barbie was brought to the kids from the toy factories so that the kids could play with dolls and have fun by themselves. The barbie was a very iconic toy for the 50's.


This was also brought to the kids so they could play with it by themselves, unlike the barbie this is aimed towards the boys. The slinky was very entertaining for kids as they would throw them down the stairs and watch them fall.

Drive in Movies

People and teens would have travel to these big movie screens to watch the movies outside and in the comfort of their car. People enjoyed going to movies in their own cars as the brought food and often brought blankets.