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Friday, December 13, 2013

Video Games. Should Some Be Outlawed?

Video Games have been showing up more and more in the news. Too much violence has been the question, and if certain games should be outlawed. Hundreds of video games and video game player studies have been conducted by a wide range of psychologists and government agencies with the aim of addressing the issue of harm. These studies have been supposed to lead to addiction, aggression, violence, and a variety of stereotyping. Grand Theft Auto has been the game that has shown up multiple times due to its extreme violence, crude language and graphic nudity. Parents are out raged by what they release in video games. Although every game must go through a intense rating system of the ESRB or the Entertainment Software Rating Board. With ratings from E for everyone to M for mature, which is 18+. GTA is what has parents fired up, children are put in video game scenario as crime lords, taught to steal, lie, and kill to get to the top. Most parents blame the violence of their kids on video games such as GTA. However Gamestop and many other video game stores enforce a very strict policy, which is you either must be 18 or older to purchase mature rated games, or have a parent or legal guardian. Grand Theft Auto has been blamed for almost anything you can think of, much like the tv show "South Park" has been under a lot of fire in the past few years. The question still remains, is Grand Theft Auto too violent? Will it be outlawed? Many believe that it will always be a debated topic but nothing will be done because most believe it is the responsibility of the parents to determine what their kids do and don't play. With all the restrictions there are to get certain video games it is clear that many parents are looking for a place to lay their blame. With the new GTA 5 featured as this years most pre-ordered and sold game this year with 29 million copies sold in the first six weeks of its release, it is apparent that gamers still want the title, and they want it bad.

The Danger of Texting While Driving

Texting has become the new way to communicate with friends, family, and coworkers. With this new technology fad it brings a new danger, another distraction for drivers. In 2011 23% of auto accidents occur from one driver using his/her cellphone. Every text averages out to 5 seconds per text, going 55mph, 5 seconds can get you across a football field. Texting while driving has been growing recently as texting has now become the new modern way to communicate. Driving is filled with distractions and send texts is now the most dangerous one. Not only is 5 seconds dangerous but it doesn't help that it isn't just one 5 second text, its multiple texts. Teens and certain companies are pushing a no texting while driving campaign to inform teens about the dangers. Called the "It Can Wait" campaign has helped reduce numbers of people who text while driving. With laws passing in certain states prohibiting cellphone use of drivers under 18 people have become aware of this epidemic.

"Obama Care"

Teens and Alcohol

Teens. As they grow older they grow tired of doing the same thing over and over. Alcohol is becoming the most available, popular thing to do. From parties and over-consumption to teens getting into cars and trying to drive intoxicated. It is too easy now for a teen to get their hands on alcohol. There is no REAL way to stop it, but there is a way to control it. Regardless of the law teens are going to drink, some parents have accepted that, they allow the parties to happen but under certain conditions. All parents who allow it usually take up the keys of every teen driver at the party. Responsible parents go as far as contacting the parents of every teen at the party and inform them of what they are doing. Now and days it's up to the parents to check-in and be aware of what their children are doing.

Cyber Bullying

Children and teens have always bullied each other and always will, but they're now taking it as far as the internet. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have teens and children logging in everyday, making it the new thing. With these social media sites comes a new way to bully. Teens can post or say something to anyone for however many or however little people they want to see it. Recently bullies have taken their hateful words to these websites and have publicly attacked certain students. Teen suicides have been connected to the bullies who use Twitter and Facebook. It isn't monitored by any parents or teachers, so many people see it, yet no one speaks up. Why? The answer is that teens are afraid that if they try to stand up for those who get bullied they will find themselves in the same spot. The sad part is its true, more and more kid’s everyday come home depressed only to find that somebody has posted some horrible about them, and sometimes it's too much to handle.

Death Penalty

The death penalty is a very debated topic, I sat down in an interview with Brett Chestnut and asked him a few questions about how he feels. "How do you feel about the Death Penalty?" "It's all based on the situation, but if you take a life I feel as if you don't deserve yours." "Do you think life in jail is worse?" "Maybe, but it costs too much money to be keeping murderers alive." Many people take the same stance as Brett, including myself.