Is Surveillance good or bad for people and privacy?

Surveillance good thing or bad?

Some people think it is the worst thing of all because there is no privacy to walking outside in the park or driving araound on the other hand. Cops have a system in LA that scans liscence plates and puts them into a system to see if it has a warrant if its stolen or etc.

I think surveillance is a good thing

It can help police get to know where or what time some one did something robbery, mugging, murder, and etc. It also helps funnel out the terrorist that could be stopped like at the Boston marathon if they had better surveillance they could have found the suspicious group.

What surveillance can do

Surveillance good or bad?

I think it is very good because if lets say you've been robbed of your car/hijacked if you put a stolen on your vehicle anyone with that license plate could be arrested for stealing that item.


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