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ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. ADD stands for Attention Deficit Disorder.ADD/ADHD is characterized by a pattern of behavior in different surroundings that can result in issues in social, educational, and work environments. Sub-types are inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. ADD is a sub-type of neurodevelopmental disorders which are predominantly hyperactive-impulsive, predominantly inattentive, combined hyperactive-impulsive and inattentive.


Symptoms of ADHD/ADD are :

  • Day Dreaming
  • Forgetting things often
  • Squirming
  • Talking too much
  • Careless mistakes
  • Trouble resisting temptation
  • Trouble taking turns
  • Hard time getting along wit others


The current cause is unknown but research is showing that genetics plays a big role in it. Children with ADHD have a thinner layer of brain tissues in the area of the brain that involves attention. Also kids have a higher risk of getting it if their mom smokes or drinks while pregnant with them. Another cause is that preschoolers that are exposed to more lead have a greater risk at getting ADHD.


The best way to go for ADHD is medications and behavioral therapy. There is no medication that is definitely going to help every person. The medication doesn't work to get rid of the disease but it works to limit it. Medications for it can be considered a stimulant. Some medications are:

  • Adderall
  • Adderall XR
  • Concerta
  • Daytrana


Behavioral therapy is the best therapy to help. There are many things that can be done in behavioral therapy, such things are, practical assistance, completing schoolwork, working through emotionally tough events, and to teach the child how to monitor his behavior.


Out of 6.4 million kids in 2011, 11% had ADHD. Also the rate of kids being diagnosed with ADHD went from 7.8% in 2003 to 11% in 2011.

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Who is at risk?

ADHD is mainly diagnosed in childhood and can last into adulthood. Both males and women can be diagnosed. Males have a 13.2% chance of it while girls have a 5.6% chance. No ethnic group has a higher chance of getting it. Children are most likely to get diagnosed at the age of 7.

Famous person with ADHD/ADD-Andre Brown

The New York Giants running back Andre Brown has ADHD. In the beginning of the season Andre Brown became aware that he was suspended for the first four games because they found adderall in his drug test. Adderall is a medication that helps ADHD. The suspension got overturned but it still affects his life because he could keep getting suspended for drugs that he is getting prescribed for.

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