College Sports


Should student-athletes be compensated?

No, student-athletes should not get paid to play sports.

scholarships are paycheck for athletes

Athletes receive scholarships as paychecks. They are saving money because of their athletic ability. If they are good enough to make a profession in their particular sport, then they will be making plenty of money in the future anyways. (Gosselin)

fans are not in favor of paying student-athletes

According to Dom Amore, many fans of college sports think that the "student" in student-athlete should matter. Keith Strudler said, "Most sports fans still enjoy the notion of amateurism in college athletics." (Amore)

Students should focus on their schoolwork in college

College student-athletes should focus on their schoolwork. They need their degrees so if they are not a professional in their particular sport, they will still need to have a job to make money and support their families.

destroys the nature of college sports

College sports are very competitive. They are very competitive because they know that if they want to make it to the next level and make money, they have to show people what they can do. If they receive money in college, then they will probably not care as much about how they perform, they will be more focused on the money. (Bielen)

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