7th Grade Year

Logan Boggs

Our Year

This year was great. Our athletics was the best in the district. Our academics was also the best in the district.


Mrs. Hand pushes us to get our work done. For a teacher, that's great. She is getting us ready for the 8th grade STAAR test. Most of the time she just lets us do what ever we want, but she doesn't let it get to a bad point.
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Coach Torres is teaching us Texas history. He isn't just a teacher, he's a coach. Coach helps us with life lessons as well. Most of the time he is very nice, but when we are acting dumb, you do not want to be there.
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Mrs. Marshall is our English teacher. She also has us write, a lot, but it's not that bad. Mrs. Marshall has us do grammar exercises too. Our great teacher sometimes lets us get on our phones to check the time.
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The coaches push us to get in shape. They also give us life lessons. On Fridays, they usually lets us play football because we work s hard in the week. During the week, we do agility, lifting, football drills, and running.
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Mr. Glaze and Ms. Wiesgerber help us learn the art of music. They teach us how to play instruments and read music. We are one of the best classes they have had. Since band is after athletics, we get to drink water during band. We just can't be to loud.
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