Cyber Bullying/Internet Safety

Semester 2 Assignment

Class Activity

During the next 2 classes we will be watching the hit movie Cyberbully which came to ABC Family in 2011. In this movie a girl gets attacked through a multimedia website and it turns her life upside down. It shows some of the extremes of how cyberbullying can affect someone.


lol...OMG!: What Every Student Needs to Know About Online Reputation Management, Digital Citizenship and Cyberbullying This is just one book that shows the dangers of the internet and what we need to know to stay safe! You can choose to read this book or another of your choice as long as it is approved by me. Once you have completed the reading assignment its time for the fun part; you are all going to be movie stars! Each group that is picked by me, will create a video to show the class about cyberbullying and/or internet safety. Use your knowledge from the video and books to clearly demonstrate a scene and negative side effect to the action. Most of you don't clearly see the dangers of cyberbullying or posting your life as an open book on the internet; so I want you to act out a scene that you think your classmates have never thought/heard about! Each group will hand in an annotated bibliography for all their resources that you used! Good luck and have fun!

iMOVIE is a great tool to use to create your masterpiece!

More Books:

Final Assignment Due May 10th

Please email me with your book choice and movie topics by April 17th