Are state tests unfair to ESL kids?

Should state tests be given in other languages to ESL?

State tests only given in English are unfair to kids with English as a second language. It says that to be a true American, and to be smart that you must be able to take and understand the State given tests. "Children born and raised in the United States learn languages other than English at home as their first language. For many, their first intense exposure to English happens in public school. Children of immigrants and refugees who have been in this country for years are fortunate enough to learn two languages, and ESL provides the instruction they need in their second language." -Suzie Dalien

Students should be allowed to take the state tests in the language they know best.

America doesn't have an official national language, so if we are giving all our tests in the same language, English, then that says that that is the language you must know. I personally think that it is unfair towards the student, because in saying they have to take tests, that they sometimes have to pass to move up in grade, you are telling them that you don't want them to succeed to the best of their ability.

Some words just don't translate

When you translate some words to English, they change or maybe even don't have a word to describe it. Two examples are the word Pana, which is a material that skirts are made out of, but when you translate it, it means "bro." Also, Desvelato doesn't translate at all, but in other languages, it means lack of sleep or that you cannot fall asleep.

It is not only Hispanic students that struggle with ESL

Asian students get the stereotype of being super smart, and they have the potential to be, but if they come to america and don't know the language, how will they live up to doing the best they possibly can? When you try to teach an ESL student, you face many challenges with trying to get an in-depth conversation and this makes it harder for them to learn. If you were to have them learn and take tests in their language, it would make it much simpler to get them to be open and understand. If they are told they must learn English to be smart, what is that telling them?

ESL students should be allowed to take tests in the language they feel comfortable with

Each ESL student will learn a bit differently, and to make it easier on them, from moving to the U.S., or maybe just being taught English for the first time. Allowing ESL students to test and learn in their language would allow them to learn and adapt much easier. If we had more ESL teachers and a program for getting state tests in different languages, then it would be easier and more fair towards the kids who learned English as their second or third language


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