Martin Luther King, Jr.

A Great Man

Who Is Martin Luther King, Jr?

Martin Luther King, Jr was a Baptist minister, humanitarian, activist and leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement in the United States.

How Has Martin Luther King Demontated The Leadership Traits?

Martin Luther King spoke against race segregation first starting off with the Montgomery Bus Boycott which happened in 1955. During that year there were non-violent protests and this led to supreme court ruling over the racial discrimination that happened on the bus. After this Martin Luther brought public attention towards him from the country and this led to the upbringing of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference an alliance of black southern ministers. He became the president of this group and they started looking for civil rights battles.

Know your enemy and learn about his favorite sport:
Martin Luther King demonstrated this trait by wanting to bring an end to racial segregation between the whites and the blacks. He got to know his enemy (whites) by negotiating with them and he had to know everything about them in order to make an effective change that both races can agree on. Martin got close to his enemy's and learned about their ways through civil rights battles. He was destined to bring discrimination to an end so both races could live as one.

Nothing Is black or white:
He took leadership by being the voice of African-Americans, and expanding their rights as they should have not been treated a certain way because of the color of their skin. Many whites have cooperated and welcomed Martins changes in how blacks should be treated. He wanted everyone to have a mentality that we are all equal and being white doesn't make you more superior than being black.

Courage Is not the absence of fear- it's inspiring others to move beyond it:
King has demonstrated courage through his cooperation of protests. King joined one campaign that ended the divide between blacks and whites in that particular area and forced businesses to employ blacks. Peaceful protests were often combated with violence from the local police. He has been arrested over twenty times for protesting. Endured many threats, attacks in person and to his property, but had to overcome them to continue what he as already started. For he had more confidence and faith In American democracy and wanted there to be fairness and opportunity for everyone.

Began to Focus on Blacks' Ecominc Problems

"Love is the only thing capable of transforming an enemy to a friend."~Mr.Luther King Jr.