Throne Of Glass

by. Sarah J. Maas

In the story, Throne of Glass, a land which all magic is banished, Celaena Sardothienonce known as the Assassin of Adarlan, rebelling from rules and law since she was 8. Now one unlucky day she was caught by some royal guards, she has been imprisoned in a mine prison for a year now age 18. but the kings knights send for her one day, she was asked to fight in a competition to become the kings champion "personal assassin" and after 5 years of service they can leave freely, and all she has to do is beat 23 other, assassins, thieves and warriors. Now ordered by Chaol the royal guard captain has the job to train and protect her, that in order too protect herself she must call herself ''lady Lillian." But once the competition started participants start dying, found in halls cut open and organs removed. One by one and no explanation, and the only other competitor she feels threatened by is Cain, a strong young warrior who will do anything to win. A secret door found in her room, the dead queen calling her, and to men falling in love with her, will she live threw the competition or die trying..find explanations and answers to these when you read , Throne Of Glass


by. readbyzoe

SO SO SO SO GOOD. It's been too long since I've immediately fallen in love with a series and its characters and I've forgotten how fantastic it feels! Celaena is such a strong female character without giving up the girly things that she enjoys and I love it! Also, I'm having SUCH a hard time deciding who I love more with her, Dorian or Chaol. Every time I feel like I love one more than the other, the other does something adorable and sucks me back in!