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Shaun Hicks

I'm going to tell you a fake story about racing.One super day I was thinking about what I want to be when I want to be when I grow up and I thought about being a racer.A few years I turned 17 years old and got my drivers license and I got two cars and they was a Camaro,and a Mini Cooper S.Then a few days I got tired and went to sleep.
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Then I turned 18 and had a party at my house.My cousins,friends,and my family members played then we painted and then we had to guess what the picture was and then we played pen the tell on the donkey.
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And the next day I got a NEW job at Family Dollar and then it was the just the job I was waiting for and it was RACING!I started the next day racing I was in 1st place then went 2 laps and then 3 and I won!And that's my story of racing.