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Week of March 14th - March 18th

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Letter from Principal Nelson

Cougar Nation-

Spring has sprung! There is undoubtedly something in the air these last few days leading up to Spring Break, and we are thankful that you and yours can help us out by housing your student these next nine days. Don’t get me wrong, we love them unconditionally; it’s just that sometimes we feel we are hogging all their attention and would like to share. We feel guilty for being the sole recipient of their daytime Spring Fever symptoms and think it only fair to allow you all the ability to scratch your heads in wonder as well. You’re welcome in advance.

Nine days away is a welcome break for all, but also an opportunity to regress if we aren’t learning daily. Make sure your student is reading for at least 30 minutes each day (anything goes, as long as they're reading), and have them watch movies or TV shows with you with a critical eye. Students can still learn about theme, inference, summarization, and other elements of literature whilst watching their favorite shows. Also, make sure they’re drawing, practicing their instrument, and being active each day. We break from going to campus, not from learning and growing.

Take some time to recharge your batteries as well. Raising a middle school student is not an easy undertaking and not for the faint of heart. However, you are doing a masterful job at it and we thank you for partnering with us on their journey.


Matthew Nelson


Clint Small Middle School

(512) 841-6705

Ultimate Frisbee


After two years away, Small Ultimate or ‘Smalltimate Frisbee’ is back!

(6th - 8th grade / Boys & Girls eligible)

Visit the site below to register and for League Information:

Ultimate Frisbee Details

  • Practices will start March, March 21st from after school until 5 at Small. *We are very lenient with conflicts of other sports, clubs, etc.
  • Middle School games will be every Saturday morning from: April 2nd through April 23rd
  • Games will take place at East Metropolitan Park: (18706 Blake Manor Road, Manor TX).

Rainout days are scheduled for April 30th (middle school) A specific schedule with team matchups, field assignments, and specific times is coming soon!

Our 2022 Youth Spring League will include:

  • Weekly practices (M-W) after school until 5:00 P.M. at Small

  • Two games every weekend throughout the season

  • Jerseys, discs, and other resources

The "at-cost" fee for middle school players is $220, but we do have a robust sliding scale available for players who need discounted options. We don't want cost to be a barrier for anyone. Here's the registration page for parents to view themselves.

  • The fee includes field time, jersey, and disc, as well as unseen costs like medical staff etc.
  • Players will sign up individually on the link above
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Hello GATE Parents,

The following ideas are from the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. Gifted students tend to be very aware of current events and social injustice, and they can be deeply affected by what they hear in the news. I hope you find these points helpful in talking with your children about current events and situations. While these talking points were specifically created to address feelings around the war in Ukraine, they can be useful to families talking about any of the sensitive topics that are part of everyday life.

  • Talk about it. Avoiding tough conversations can exacerbate unhelpful reactions. Set up time free from distractions, when both of you are feeling calm, and at a time that is not an interruption from something they’re enjoying. You can start this conversation by asking what they have heard, what they’re feeling, and what questions they have. Asking them about their questions helps to prevent sharing too many unnecessary details. Reassure youth that adults are doing all they can to keep everyone safe. Try not to expect yourself to have all the answers, you can model being a good information consumer by co-learning with youth. The Conversation published an article further addressing this, and this BBC article also has good information.

  • Encourage empathy. Often, adults and kids get caught up in disputed issues and forget each other’s humanity. Traumatic events are devastating and frightening for everyone. Someone’s nationality, immigration status, or ethnicity does not make them more or less deserving of kindness and compassion or indicate their beliefs. It’s important to remind youth that we can stand strong in advocating for what we believe is right, while also being respectful towards each other.

  • Seek to understand and listen. Do some research about the people involved, learn about their backgrounds and their culture. Research the traditions and history of those affected. These strategies encourage appreciation for cultures other than our own.

  • Limit consumption of media, monitor what and how much media your kids are consuming. Academically talented youth are naturally curious, and current technology makes it easier than ever to access near-limitless amounts of information. If the news is upsetting to them, any amount can be too much. Common Sense Media published strategies for youth to better understand where information comes from, and Cornell University Library shares an infographic. Consider also setting up protected time, away from media, where youth can appreciate and engage with other hobbies and interests they care about.

  • Find healthy, helpful, ways to cope with big emotions. Feeling big feelings is part of being human. If some of the active coping strategies above feel like too much, sometimes a distraction is helpful. Consider an active outdoor activity (weather and environment permitting), or find a good puzzle, maze, word or sudoku game, coloring page, or other online activity, such as zoos or museums online to explore. Sacramento University shares a variety of good activities in their Virtual Calming Room, including Live Animal Cameras from zoos across the United States.

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Incoming 6th Grade Information

Important dates for incoming 6th Graders

Cougar Camp - August 1st - 2nd, 2022 (Choose AM or PM Session)

This is the transition camp to help teach kids about how middle school works, make new friends and learn more about the campus - Click here to register and learn more

Scavenger Hunt - Aug 4, 2022 - Time TBD

Come show your parents what you learned in camp. See if you can find your way around Small and that you are ready for the first day of school. More details to come

Parent Camp - August 4th. 5:30 pm - Zoom

This is all the information every new to middle school parent will need to know about Small and how middle school works. Click here to register

First Day of School - August 15th, 2022

Ways to keep informed.



Parent facebook page:


Small FAQ Page

Small Acronym

Email or call Jennifer Newell at 512-841-6701

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Are you tired of sending your child to summer camps that lack an academic element? Are you on the hunt for an academic and entertaining summer camp where students can collaborate and formulate solutions to the most pressing issues the world is faced with?? If so, sign up for Jr. AUSMUN!! Jr. AUSMUN is a four-day summer camp open for incoming 7th, 8th, and 9th graders THIS SUMMER!! . The camp will reflect the high school class, Model United Nations, an extracurricular offered at Austin High in which students represent delegates in the United Nations and simulate debates in UN committees. Campers will explore the most current and relevant topics and engage in activities for three days in preparation for a Model UN conference on the 4th! The camp will be held at Austin High School, June 20th through 23rd from 8:30 am-12:30 pm. For more information and registration details please visit
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Back the future at Small Middle School. Join PTA today.

Thank you to our Sponsors!

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Be sure to send some busniess thier way for partnering with Small Middle School!!!

Order a Yearbook

Order your yearbook before the winter break and get it for just $40. You can bring a check or cash to Mr. Shoptaw room 113 or order online at

Have your heard the new jingle staring our 6th grade choir? Check it out here.

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