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Student Learning

In reading, writing, and social studies, we are continuing our unit on the Civil War.

In math, students have a test on multiplying and dividing fractions. I have encouraged students to use four resources to prepare for the test: Class study guide, the Pearson web site ( , Study Island, and searching for information on the Internet.

I have included videos below on multiplying and dividing fractions (part of the videos deal with negative numbers. However, students do not need to work with negative numbers).

Students will also need to know how to turn a mixed number into an improper fraction, and make an improper fraction into a mixed number. Tuesday, we will begin a topic on finding the volume of three-dimensional objects.
Multiplying Fractions
Dividing Fractions
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Important Dates

20-24 MAP practice days: Because this is the first year that students will take the test on the computer, we will be using some time to practice that format, as well as some of the tools students will be expected to use.
22 Volunteer Tea at 3:30
23 Fifth grade town hall meeting
23 Bryan Middle School 6th Grade Parent Night / Gym / 6:30 – 8:30
April 27th: Spring picture proofs are due to be returned, regardless if pictures are being ordered or not.
April 27-May 4th 5th Grade MAP testing. Please note, other grade levels, third and fourth, will be testing on different days. In addition, our classroom schedule will be a little bit different when we take the test. I will send home information regarding our tests soon, along with what you can do at home to help prepare.

May 5th: Rec Plex Field Trip :)

May 15th: Human Growth and Development

Special Area Classes (4/20-4/24)

Monday: Music
Tuesday: Art
Wednesday: PE
Thursday: Music
Friday: Art

Study Island

Fifth grade is gearing up for a little friendly competition! We are encouraging students to use an online resource, Study Island, at home to review and practice skills taught at school. Students will have assignments to complete online. If a 70% or higher is scored on an assignment, he will earn a blue ribbon. Blue ribbons will be celebrated weekly in class, and the class that earns the most blue ribbons in the month will be celebrated as well.

Please follow these steps to begin the competition!

Step 1: go to and click the blue login button on the top right

Step 2: Enter the username and password.

username: your child’s first initial and last name @ce (ex. eoakes@ce)

password: your child’s lunch number

Step 3: Click on “5th grade 2014-2015”

Step 4: Click on an assignment and begin earning those blue ribbons!

Teachers will be able to access a report to view those blue ribbons! Good luck!