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December 6, 2019


  • Drop Off's
  • Blue Door Arrivals
  • Arrival information
  • 10 Days of Spirit
  • Outdoor Recess Guidelines
  • Medical restrictions for outdoor recess
  • Medicine administered by the nurse
  • Parent Partnership
  • PTA Updates
  • Holiday Shop
  • Message from Jay Berk, Ph.D and Associates
  • Important Dates
  • Breakfast with Santa
  • Contacting Brooklyn School

Drop Off's in the morning

As the weather starts to turn colder, I want to remind families that our building doesn't open up until 7:30 each morning. When dropping kids off prior to 7:30, please make sure they have appropriate gear to be outside in cold weather. Thank you

Do you drop your kid off in the morning at the blue door or walk them to the blue door?

School starts at 8 am. Students who arrive after 8 am are considered late. We have been allowing students to enter the building until 8:05, however we need to document they are arriving late. Starting Monday, January 6th, these students will receive a slip to enter class and this will be logged into their attendance.

The blue lot doors will be closed at 8:05, no exceptions. After 8:05, you will have to report to the gold lot doors.

BLUE LOT: When dropping kids off, please pull forward, using the whole sidewalk and have students exit on the curb side onto the sidewalk. If you want to get out and walk your kids, Or get them out of the car, please pull into a parking spot. We need our car line to move safely and quickly.

School starts at 8 am

School opens at 7:30 am, however students are to be in their homerooms at 8 am and attendance is taken. Starting January 6th, students who are entering the building after 8 am, will be considered late and it will be entered into their attendance.

According to the law, we no longer document tardies, instead, we have to account for every minute of the day. Therefore, time will accumulate and count towards time out of school.

10 Days of Brooklyn School "Holiday" Spirit

Starting next Monday, we will count down the 10 School days before break begins. Each day we will have a different spirit day. Please see the picture below or open the link above.

We will also be building a toliet paper tree. If you can send in single rolls of toliet paper in a wrapper. We hope to build the biggest T.P. Tree Ever!!!

Also Grades 4-7, we will be selling candy grams on Monday, December 16th, Tuesday, December 17th & Wednesday, December 18th at lunch. They are $0.50 each.

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Outdoor Recess Guidelines

Well, we had snow this week, please make sure your child has the proper clothing to go outside. We will go outside when it is cold and snowing.

Our guidelines for cold temperatures will be followed and monitored closely.

The temperature for outdoor recess is 20 degrees with the windchill.

Please make sure student have appropriate gear to be in the elements.

Winter coats, gloves, hats and boots are important.

You can send in shoes to wear in school and they can wear their boots out. Also feel free to send in an extra pair of socks or pants, sometimes the students clothing gets wet.

Medical restrictions for outdoor recess...

If students are not allowed to go out in the cold weather, they will need to have a doctors note that outlines the guidelines we are to follow (temperature, conditions etc) and the medical diagnosis. Parents are not permitted to write a note stating you want them to stay in due to a cough/cold etc. If we have no note on file, students will go outside on outdoor recess days. If you have sent in a doctor's note in the past, this needs to be updated each year.

Medicines at school

Attention Families,

If your child takes a prescription medicine or an over the counter medicine, it needs to be brought in by an adult in it's original countainer.

STUDENTS CANNOT bring medicine to school.

ALL medication must be brought in, in the original container by the parent or guardian.

Parent Teacher Partnership

The picture below is the flyer which includes the date and information regarding the meetings. I have also linked the flyer click here. We would love to have more parents involved, we hope your able to join us this year. .
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PTA News and Updates

Brooklyn School Kalahari Fundraiser

Mark your calendar to take a break!! Support your school while having fun! Get away without going too far from home to America's LARGEST indoor waterpark and enjoy a special rate for families and friends! Rooms are ONLY $129 and feature 2 Queen beds and INCLUDE waterpark passes! A portion from EACH room booked will benefit Brooklyn Elementary. BOOK EARLY to avoid being shut out. Book online today!

Thursday, January 2, 2020 ONLY $129!!

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Holiday Shop

The Brooklyns PTA Holiday Shop is coming to Brooklyn School this week.

Wednesday, December 11th ~ Grades PK - 1st

Thursday, December 12th ~ Grades 2nd -4th

Friday, December 13th ~ Grades 5th -7th

Each student will have the opportunity to shop for their family members/friends/pets during their assigned day, with their class. Students will bring home and envelop, please fill out the envelop with information and seal your payment inside. This year gifts will be priced at $1.00 each to make shopping faster and easier for children. Please remind your child that they do not have to spend all their money. Also, children can shop for themselves. You can have your child spend a little on themselves if you wish. Cash and checks accepted. Checks are to be paid payable to: Brooklyn PTA. There will be a charge of $25.00 for any returned checks.

Please call Zenobia Jackso with any questions, or to sign up to help any day (it's not tool late!) @ 216-440-0514.

Message from Jay Berk, Ph.D and Associates

Dear Parents,
The Holidays can be stressful for parents and children alike. We here at Jay Berk, Ph.D. and Associates are providing services in the district and would like to give you some helpful hints that could assist you over the holidays for neurotypical children and those who have any type of challenges.

  • Front end load. This means prepare children for what is going to occur on the days that they have off.
-For younger children, this may include a visual schedule that might be helpful to

-For older children, it might be having them discuss how they would like the day to go

and to create some compromises.

  • Try to not have your student sleep until late afternoon. It throws off their sleep schedule.

  • Keep an eye on electronics. Students tend to use excessive amounts of electronics on the holidays, especially when the weather is poor in Cleveland. Keep limits in place for time and content!

  • Do not allow electronics into the bedroom at night. Nothing good happens on phones after bedtime is supposed to occur.

  • Create some family activities. Old fashioned might work the best. Some of these might include board games, roller skating, sled riding, etc.

  • Do something as a family to help others. It models important qualities such as gratefulness for what you do have and compassion for others.

  • Prepare your child for contact with relatives they see infrequently. Help them with what to say ahead of time and ideas of what to talk to these individuals about. This will reduce stress for them.

  • Finally, have realistic expectations. Kids today are different than kids when we were kids. They don't sit as long at the table, etc. Set your expectations early on so that your child knows what to do and not do and then you can discuss any concerns they have ahead of time.

Jay Berk, Ph.D. and Associates is a provider of psychological services in the district. Should you desire more information about the services we provide, call us at (216) 292-7170, extension 0. Be aware we accept most insurances.


Jay Berk Ph.D.

Jay H. Berk, Ph.D.


Important Dates

December 7th - Holiday Concerts (2nd - 12th grade)

December 9th - Play by Playhouse Square "Kicked" (4th - 6th grade)

December 13th - Play by Playhouse Square "Jacked" (K - 3rd grade)

December 11th - Holiday Shop Pk & 1st

December 12th - Holiday Shop 2nd, 3rd, & 4th

December 13th - Holiday Shop 5th, 6th, 7th

December 16th - High Music Department performs for Brooklyn School

December 20th - Early Dismissal (1:30)

December 23rd - January 5th - Winter Break

Community Dates

  • Breakfast with Santa, Saturday, December 7th from 8:00-10:00 AM at Applebee’s Ridge Park Square; $8.00/ adult & $6.00/child(12-3 years old) (2 & under are free) flyer is below

Brooklyn Pee Wee Wrestling Team

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Contacting Brooklyn School Personnel

Attendance Line ~ (216) 485-8171

  • When reporting your child off, please include: first and last name of the child, grade, reason for absence, who is reporting the child off and a number you can be reached.

Mrs. Cristin Cicco ~ Principal

(216) 485-8177

Ms. Lara Smith ~ Assistant Principal

(216) 485-8178

Mrs. Annie Bir ~ Guidance Counselor (Grades 4-7)

(216) 485-8128

Mrs. Denise Smith ~ Guidance Counselor (Grades PK-3)

(216) 485 - 8173

Mrs. Laura Paul ~ Brooklyn School Secretary

(216) 485-8176