Percival Lowell

pre 1900

Percival Lowell was an american astonamer

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Percival Lowell was born on the 13th of March 1855.


Percival Lowell died on the12th of November 1916


Percival Lowells mothers name was Katherine Bigelow Lawrence.


Percival Lowell predicted that there was a ninth planet (Pluto) but he died before it was discovered. Percival Lowell's prediction was correct but Pluto ended up being discovered by Clyde Tombough.

Percival also researched the surface of Mars and believed he had discovered canals and oasis which convinced him that there was intelligent life on Mars. This captivated the public making him world famous. Percival's discoveries were later found to have been an optical illusion and although his predictions were wrong his observatory still contributes to advancing human knowledge.

percivals sketch of mars in 1895

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